August 2014

Garmin Edge 810
Equipment Technology

Garmin Edge 810 – GPS – The first of the new toys arrives.

Fairly predictable, being a geek, I have quite obviously used this adventure to “invest” in some new toys. The first of which arrived today. The Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS Computer. The main reason I chose this particular model is that it has bluetooth sync with a smart phone. This allows it to upload data […]


A little bit of planning……

The discovery of a vague cycle route which runs all the way from Dover in Kent to St Austell in Cornwall and suddenly this became a real possibility. So the route isn’t that hard – the only real decision is whether I go though Portsmouth and check south of Southampton to the New forest or add a […]

Cycle Route

The Route

So, this is the proposed route.  Pretty much following the National Cycle Route 2 with a few adjustments. The following is taken almost verbatim from the Sustrans website. 1. Dover to Hastings – 52.1 Miles National Route 2 starts or finishes in Dover following a cliff top route to Folkestone and crossing Romney Marsh to […]