The Ride

Nimes to Montpellier

This post is somewhat late, but better late than never. Being the last post from this trip, there are quite a few photos to share… The final leg of cycling and penultimate leg of the trip, from Nimes to Montpellier was a relatively easy 32 miles. Mostly on roads so it only took a couple […]

The Ride

Viviers to Nimes

Another gorgeous days riding. If the French could sort out a cricket team and speaking English, I’d move here like a shot. It’s a beautiful country. A lot of the morning was cycling through vineyards with a few inclines, but nothing too serious. That all changed around lunchtime with a huge climb, which was hard […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Tain L’Hermitage to Viviers

This was one of the most beautiful parts of the trip. The riding was a mix of nice hard roads with some very ropey surfaces towards the end. In total the distance worked out to be 47 miles by the time I’d missed a few turns and deviated to explore a little. The morning was […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Lyon to Thain l’hermitage

Lyon marks the confluence of the rivers Saone and Rhône. It is a gorgeous city and one I thoroughly intend to return to and explore properly without the time constraints I had on this occasion. On leaving Lyon I transfered my river allegiance to the Rhône, saying goodbye to the Saone. Leaving Lyon in itself […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Chalon Sur Saone to Macon and on to Lyon

Ok, so the ride down to Macon was an easy one, according to the wisdom of Google maps. Make of that what you will, needless to say the bike is getting seriously fed up with gravel and boulders, but is hanging together admirably. However, the kind of scenery more than made up for it and […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Chaumont to Villegusien-le-Lac and on to Chalons Sur Saone

Having spent the morning bumbling around Chaumont’s streets, searching out a phone shop and a pharmacy I headed south once more around lunchtime. I had planned a nice easy 40 mile ride down to Villegusien-le-Lac as a rest day. The riding was actually quite tough, badly broken under wheel and hot, very hot. So I […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Chalons en Champagne to Chaumont

One thing is for sure, I’m not picking an overnight stop which ends in “mont” again….. Chalons en Champagne was a peculiar town at night, as I sat outside a bistro sipping a beverage or two it seemed to be that the town square was the venue for what I can only describe as cruising. […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Crecy sur Serre to Chalons en Champagne

Been a couple of days riding since I last updated this, so about time I got my finger out! Leaving my hotel in Crecy sur Serre, I suddenly realised why it was called La Tour de Crecy….. This was right outside its front door, but I’d somehow missed it the night before. If you’re ever […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Second day of real cycling – Lens to Crecy Sur Serre

Well yesterday was a challenge, for many reasons. The second day of a trip like this was always going to be difficult. Cycling 70 miles in one day is fine, getting up the next day and getting back on the bike to do it again is slightly unhinged…..However, the morning was great, I had struck […]

Calais to Montpellier The Ride

Calais to Montpellier – Day 2 – somewhere south of Lens

So this morning I am sat in my tent planning out my route for day 3. I was planning to write this last night, but sleep interrupted my thoughts. My sleep was then interrupted by a hedgehog sneaking under my flysheet and snuffling at the zip to the inner sometime around 2am this morning. He […]

The Ride

Calais to Montpellier, Day 1

Compared to last years trip, day one has been a huge success. I headed for Dover just before lunchtime, arriving in time for the delayed (left about 2.45) 1.55 sailing on P&O. The only issue I had really was the lack of sign postage for cyclists as you enter the ferry port, so I had […]


Calais to Montpellier Cycling Equipment

One of the lessons I learned on my way to Land’s End last year is that the weight and size of everything you are carrying is very important. Whilst a fully loaded and heavy rucksack on your back and fully loaded panniers is fine whilst you are pootling about on the flat, any inclines really […]

Calais to Montpellier

Calais to Montpellier Cycling – End to End in France 2015

  Having ridden Margate to Land’s End at the back end of last summer, I have been keen to create space for another little trip. Some people have suggested John O’Groats to Land’s End (JOGLE), but I feel I’ve done the Land’s End thing for now, so I started looking for a different challenge. JOGLE […]