March 2017

North Coast of France

Morlaix to Brest

The final ride of the tour. I was a little sad to leave Moraix. Not least because the day began with nearly 1000ft climb, but also because it seemed a genuinely lovely town. The people at the guesthouse were extremely friendly and indeed everyone I had met had been more than happy to help with […]

North Coast of France

Saint Brieuc to Morlaix

I have to admit to being a little the worse for wear awaking this morning. The six pints of 1664 and a late night had taken more toll than I’d realised. With the waiter looking askance at me, in my half wakened state I managed to use my coffee cup saucer as a plate and […]

North Coast of France

St Malo to Saint Brieuc

Ok, so I’m a couple of days behind on posting stuff to here. Mainly due to the fact that whilst hotels advertise “Free WiFi” there is nothing to say that the wifi then connects to anything like a decent internet connection. In many cases it doesn’t and my online time has been fairly limited. I […]

North Coast of France

Bayeux – Coutances – St Malo

Waking up in Bayeaux on Sunday to find that the wind had dropped was a pleasure. Everything was quiet. And I do mean everything. France on a Sunday is the most spooky place, coming from a country where Sunday is no longer a special day. The streets are deserted, everything closed. I wolfed down a […]

North Coast of France

Caen to Bayeux

Thankfully this morning’s ride wasn’t intended to be too tough, just out to the coast at Ouisterham and up along the British D-Day beaches before turning inland and heading for Bayeux. It was a slow start after a few too many beers in Caen, but after about five miles of flat cycle paths towards Ouisterham […]

North Coast of France

Fécamp to Caen

This was the hardest morning of the ride so far. Setting off into pouring rain and driving wind, I was soaked within about five minutes of a big climb out of Fécamp. There aren’t many photos from this morning at all – all I could see was a dirty grey smear for a good few […]

North Coast of France

Le Tréport to Fécamp

What a difference the wind makes. Today the wind has dropped significantly and swung around to the east. Temperatures much higher and I was actually able to freewheel some. The previous couple of days have seen me pedalling downhill and only achieving 8mph at times, so strong was the headwind. So good progress today and […]

North Coast of France

Boulogne-Sur-Mere to Le Treport 

So much for better weather today. The morning began very much as yesterday left off. Cold and windy. After today I’m starting to get the impression that March is not the time of year for cycle touring in Northern Europe! The day continued in much the same vein as I continue I wasn’t able to […]

North Coast of France

Dunkirk to Boulogne-Sur-Mere

Today was the first real cycling day of this trip. I thought I was being kind to myself and starting with a nice easy day. That turned out not to be the case. Leaving the hotel in good time after a slightly disappointing breakfast I was optimistic about the days riding. The Yellow weather warning […]

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Pre-Trip Preparations

Cycling Technology For this trip I’ve invested in some new technology to help me along the way. A constant issue on previous trips was how to keep batteries re-charged on navigation and communication devices. I spent a little cash with the good folk at SJS Cycles (St John Street Cycles) and asked them to build […]