Donaueschingen to Riedlingen

For this trip I have invested in a GoPro Hero 6. There are still a few photos thrown in, either from the iPhone or my camera, however, it's so much easier just to hit record on the GoPro than to stop and snap. The first day's riding was tough, as it always is. Mainly due […]

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Getting to Donaueschingen

Today was a bit of a challenge. I'd massively underestimated how long it would take me to disassemble my bike and trailer and cram it into the bike bag. It took a while - unfamiliar trailer and some rookie mistakes kept me up until 10.30 and a long bath extended that by an hour. Probably […]

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The Danube Part 1

This year's little bike ride is following another river, the Danube, from it's source in Donaueschingen, Germany, some 750 miles to Budapest. This is the first half of the Danube cycling route - the second half would be to follow the river all the way to the Black Sea through , Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and […]

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