Calais to Copenhagen

2016 – Calais to Copenhagen

For 2016’s bike trip I have been looking at a couple of ideas but finally settled on this one.

The distance by Google maps is 834 miles (1342 km) but experience says that in fact this will push up over the 900 mark by the time I’ve added in a few detours and taken several wrong turns.

In fact definitely over 900 – It’s just been suggested I pop by Utrecht for a beer with an old mate who I haven’t seen for 10 years, adding a further 50 miles and probably a severe hangover too!

The route roughly follows (with a detour or two) the EuroVelo 12 or North Sea route from Calais as far as Hamburg where I leave it and head up through Schleswig-Holstein on the east of the peninsular before a bit of island hopping by road bridge and ferry.

The ride itself doesn’t suggest too many difficulties – passing through the low countries with the only real hills being from Northern Germany onwards. The distance is further than the last trip, but that doesn’t really phase me as I am expecting the riding to be easier for the most part. I am reliably told that cyclists in Holland and Germany are treated exceptionally well with nice cycle lanes……

Lessons learned from my trip to the south of France suggest that I need to do some experiments with tyres and tyre pressures before I set off. Whilst the Galaxy Plus was great on tarmac it struggled on broken surfaces. It has been suggested that I fit some wider tyres and experiment with inflation pressure for a more comfortable ride, so I shall be testing out these theories over the next month or so.

I’ve never really been to Germany – a couple of nights there whilst zooming around Europe  by train and plane a few years back and certainly haven’t been to Denmark, so this is very much a voyage of discovery for me. I did not study German at school and apart from being able to remember the German for “dishwasher” from when my sister was studying it, I can only count to three….. May be time for some on-line lessons before I go!

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