Margate to Land’s End – Sept 2014

Margate to Lands End – 483 Miles – September 2014

The Ride

Penzance to London. Not on a bike.

Today I am sat on a train. It feels weirdly normal. I am dressed in normal, non cycling clothes (almost miss them) and I am no different to anyone else on the train. Its weird. So the last couple of days have been some of the most amazing I’ve ever had. Riding from St Austell […]

The Ride

Penultimate Penzance

The penultimate post from this little adventure. Tonight I am in Penzance, just 11 miles from Land’s End. It feels like I’ve nearly completed my challenge and indeed I arrived here in good time and could have pushed on to my goal this evening. I decided a while back though that I’d like to spend […]

The Ride

Seaton to Plymouth

As I write, the last of the sunset has just dipped beyond the horizon from a campsite just outside of Plymouth. I’ve just put away a dinner of soup, bread and local cheese to replenish some of those calories burned up today. And there have been quite a few. Yesterday was Sunday and I’d decided […]

The Ride

Punctures and Pain

This morning finds me in a b&b in Seaton, Devon. I originally intended to camp last night but only arrived with a small amount of daylight left so ducked into here rather than pitch in the dark. The past two days could not have been more different in terms of riding. Riding from New Milton […]

The Ride

Across the Isle of Wight and Into Hampshire

Today’s mission; cycle the 31 miles to Portsmouth, jump on the fast Cat to Ryde on the Isle of Wight, cycle the 17 miles to Yarmouth, jump on a ferry to Lymington and then cycle the 7 miles to New Milton and crash at my Brother-in-law Steve’s house. Completed. Again quite chuffed with this, time […]

The Ride

Starting to feel a bit real now

This morning after a very hurried beans and corned beef, I hit the road heading for Littlehampton. According to google maps it was 45 miles away using NCR 2. A perfect challenge to up the mileage. It wasn’t long before bike maintenance tippd over the half hour I’d figured for it. Everything needed tightening. Including […]

The Ride

The middle of nowhere

So this is my home for the night. My tiny tent is pitched and ready. It feels like I truly am in the middle of nowhere, yet I’m only a few miles from Eastbourne and just up the road from the world famous town of Polegate. No, I’d never heard of it either. Today’s lesson; […]

The Ride

Nice hotel break

Arrived in Rye spot on time just before lunch. The best thing about that is that its my first stopping point outside of Kent. Actually feels like I’ve made a little progress instead of just riding around the local area. As I’ve been through here a few times but never stopped figured I’d stop over […]

The Ride

End of the first day on the road

Well it’s just turned 6pm on the first day of my travels. I would say it has gone reasonably well. My original plan was to take things easy on the first day and just cycle the 25 miles to Dover and stay there for the night. Given that I am a day behind on my […]

The Ride

Departure Day Take 2

14/09/2014 09:00   OK, so the plan for yesterday was to pick up the bike, quickly slap it together and hit the road. Fail at the first hurdle. Having spent most of the morning chasing after idiots who couldn’t comply with simple requests, I then had to drive to Ashford in record time to catch […]

The Ride

Departure day.

Well today is supposed to be the day of departure. I say supposed to be as things have gotten a lot more complex. The new bike should have been delivered on Wednesday, but City Link failed 3 days running, despite me waiting in until 8 pm last night. So I now have to go and […]

Garmin Edge 810
Equipment Technology

Garmin Edge 810 – GPS – The first of the new toys arrives.

Fairly predictable, being a geek, I have quite obviously used this adventure to “invest” in some new toys. The first of which arrived today. The Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS Computer. The main reason I chose this particular model is that it has bluetooth sync with a smart phone. This allows it to upload data […]


A little bit of planning……

The discovery of a vague cycle route which runs all the way from Dover in Kent to St Austell in Cornwall and suddenly this became a real possibility. So the route isn’t that hard – the only real decision is whether I go though Portsmouth and check south of Southampton to the New forest or add a […]

Cycle Route

The Route

So, this is the proposed route.  Pretty much following the National Cycle Route 2 with a few adjustments. The following is taken almost verbatim from the Sustrans website. 1. Dover to Hastings – 52.1 Miles National Route 2 starts or finishes in Dover following a cliff top route to Folkestone and crossing Romney Marsh to […]