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Departure day.

Well today is supposed to be the day of departure. I say supposed to be as things have gotten a lot more complex. The new bike should have been delivered on Wednesday, but City Link failed 3 days running, despite me waiting in until 8 pm last night. So I now have to go and collect it from Ashford – probably about an hour and a half round trip. Once I have picked it up I will need to assemble it – I guess it all depends on how dismantled they send it. Some deliveries just need the front wheel fitting and aligning, some a whole load more. I am hoping it won’t be too bad and I can still get away at lunchtime. The vague plan is to head down to dreamland and get a quick photo there as the starting point and then head for Dover and a campsite out towards Kearnsey Abbey for the night. I have been so lax with training and preparations. The trial run of the tent pitching? No chance – not even oit of the bag yet! Emergency food and first aid kit bought? Nope. Bike rain cover for overnights? Nope……. And so on. There will be a somewhat panicked visit to the Bike Shed cycle shop to pick up a few last minute bits and to a camping shop, so that’s more time gone! I am really hoping to hit Dover before nightfall. Pitching and unfamiliar tent in darkness is not my idea of fun! Will update this post this evening with progress if any.

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