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Garmin Edge 810 – GPS – The first of the new toys arrives.

Fairly predictable, being a geek, I have quite obviously used this adventure to “invest” in some new toys. The first of which arrived today. The Garmin Edge 810 Bike GPS Computer. The main reason I chose this particular model is that it has bluetooth sync with a smart phone. This allows it to upload data via Garmin Connect, tweet and post to FaceBook and as an added bonus, there is a Garmin Connect plugin which will allow me to post progress of my ride to this website. So, I was quite excited about the un-boxing of a new gadget. As always I told myself that I would “do this one properly” by reading the instructions and letting the battery do a full charge before switching it on.   This lasted a whole 10 minutes. Having taken a few pics of the components which arrived in the box, I plugged the device into the charger to give it it’s first charge. Here’s where the problems began.  Plugging it in immediately sparked it into life, prompting me to select the language which I wanted to use. Being me, I could not then put it back down for however many hours until it had a full charge. Come on Garmin – no reasonable geek is ever going to manage that one. The lights were on and it was asking for help. Who am I to refuse. Garmin MicroSDOne of theGarmin Edge 810 GB Discoverer things which arrives in the box is a data card preprogrammed with what is described as “Garmin GB Discoverer” with a tag line of  “Full Ordnance Survey mapping for outdoor activities”. Inserting it is pretty easy, even for a non-geek. Just pop the microSD card out of it’s SD card converter and protective case – just like a smart phone.     Well, it’s now been a good couple of hours since I plugged it in and I’ve had a little play with the user interface. I had been warned by one of the guys at my local bike shop that the UI wasn’t as good as some of its competitor brands. Whilst it doesn’t “inspire” me I have to say I don’t find it too bad. However I am coming from a background where my first job in IT was working with green screen dumb terminals, so maybe my expectations will be somewhat lower than the iPad generation. It’s not flashy, but it’s easy to use, pretty intuitive and simple. Can’t ask for a lot more if you’re actually supposed to be concentrating on riding the bike anyway. In the next post I will be taking it out for it’s first ride and reporting back on how it performs out on the bike.  

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