The Ride

Nice hotel break

Arrived in Rye spot on time just before lunch. The best thing about that is that its my first stopping point outside of Kent. Actually feels like I’ve made a little progress instead of just riding around the local area. As I’ve been through here a few times but never stopped figured I’d stop over and take a look around. Wondering up streets like this one image I came across a lovely coffee shop and sat down for a latte or two – nice to put my feet up for a while and enjoy a spot of people watching in what must be one of the most picturesque towns in England. image So, as I have made the decision to dump a whole load of electrical gear, cut down massively on the weight I have to lug around, I checked into the Ship Inn and grabbed myself a room for the night. image The rooms are pretty comfy and overall the pub has a really nice vibe to it. The barmaids were extremely friendly and a real result is being able to store my bike inside in their function room – one less thing to worry about. image Didn’t take me very long to mess up the room with all my clutter, but a long soak in the bath did wonders for some tired muscle. So here’s the small pile of stuff to be posted back to Thanet….. image God knows what I was thinking packing it all at the time, I guess the geek in me took over, but it’s got to go. Weighs a tonne and I can get by with my phone and a few spare batteries I reckon. Anyway, tomorrow’s ride is heading further along the coast to Eastbourne in the morning and maybe a little further west if the knees are feeling up to it. Will be so good to sleep in that bed tonight after a less than comfy night on a camping mat. Time to go and sample a local ale and then really looking forward to a bedtime chat with my son, Seb. Kind of missing the little man already.

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