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Penultimate Penzance

The penultimate post from this little adventure. Tonight I am in Penzance, just 11 miles from Land’s End. image It feels like I’ve nearly completed my challenge and indeed I arrived here in good time and could have pushed on to my goal this evening. I decided a while back though that I’d like to spend the night here, get sorted and then ride out there for lunch tomorrow in good order. The past two days should have been the hardest riding of the whole trip, but the leg muscles are getting used to the hills and today’s ride was nowhere near as tough as I was expecting. I did need a neurofen and some deep heat to get onto the bike this morning, but once I was moving everything kicked in. I have to say a massive thanks to the guys at Pavé Velo in St Austell, who for the price of two cups of coffee provided a decent chat, plenty of encouragement and their expertise in aligning my wheels and brakes. Much needed confidence in my bike almost certainly helped with making today’s ride less grueling than feared. The ride from Plymouth to St Austell was a tough one – some big hills there and a few bike problems, but riding through countryside like this; image was well worth the pain. Rural Cornwall is spectacular. image And the towns I passed through reminded me so much of some very happy holidays down this way as a kid. image For some miles today I rode through some of the deserted mines image image and some seriously detached communities. Cows more common than people in parts. image The sense of coming to an end of this adventure became a bit more intense, cycling down the hill toward Penzance, overlooking the gorgeous St .Michael’s Mount image One of the best things about Penzance is the view looking back across the bay to said mount. image So tonight I am off in search of a pasty and a pint of decent cider. Tomorrow, a visit to the rail station to see if I can get a ticket for the sleeper train and then onwards to the final destination. Can’t wait to touch that famous sign post at the end of the world……

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