The Ride

Viviers to Nimes

Another gorgeous days riding. If the French could sort out a cricket team and speaking English, I’d move here like a shot. It’s a beautiful country. image A lot of the morning was cycling through vineyards with a few inclines, but nothing too serious. That all changed around lunchtime with a huge climb, which was hard work in temperatures of late 30’s °c. When i looked at the google elevation profile for the ride i thought the climb might defeat me and a bit of pushing might be required, but in the event I rode it all. I was seriously chuffed to accomplish it – helped a little by a guy on a motorbike coming in the other direction, who slowed and shouted près de làor something similar, with a thumbs up sign, to encourage me when I was about 3/4 up. Thankfully at the top was a cafe who were more than happy to provide fresh supplies of water. I’d drunk like a thirsty camel on the way up there. At the top was this town; image And another climb up through the centre of it. I didn’t stop too long as the reward downhill stretched out before me and the legs were in a good rhythm by this point, so I was keen to capitalise on it. Boy was it a tough climb in that heat. From there it was pretty easy going, coasting into my chosen campsite. Once I’d got set up I headed for the bistro for Entrecôte et frites and a bottle of local wine to see off the evening before the final leg into Montpellier. image image

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